Andrea Perry is an Austin, Texas based independent songwriter, producer and arranger who plays guitar, bass, keyboards and the occasional ukulele. She first gained recognition for her fresh, distinctive sound and DIY approach to recording. She has put out 4 solo albums, in most cases playing all the instruments except for drums, and has contributed songs to many other albums. In addition she has racked up over 1000 credits for TV, film, games and advertising. Many of these credits come as one half of the duo Kaliyo with singer/songwriter Sarah Sharp. Perry is also a member of the quartet Pop 4.

Raised in a thoroughly music-centric household (her father is a concert pianist and her mother a pianist and composer) Perry soaked up the sounds around her in service to her own pop sensibilities. She began writing songs in her teens. Though not classically trained herself, some of her arrangements betray a hint of the classical influence picked up through household exposure. Her other main influences begin with The Beatles and branch out to the Top 40 of the late 70s and early 80s, the classic rock of the 60s and 70s, the punk and new wave of the late 70s and early 80s, the grunge of the 90s and the indie pop, rock and folk of the aughts. Her own music is diverse but leans most often toward indie pop and indie folk pop.

She is currently working on her 5th solo album and continuing to write with Kaliyo and Pop 4 between freelance composing jobs.

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Andrea Perry writes modern classic pop songs that folks will be listening to for decades to come.”


...'Four' stands up as one of the new millennium's finest works, independent or not, and Andrea Perry is a prodigious voice of the era.”

Frank Cotolo, Cotolo Chronicles

Just when you think Perry is all about cleverness, she floors you with a gorgeous song of enormous emotional power.”

Gary Glauber, Pop Matters

Perry remains easily accessible, never letting her unique artistic vision slip into insularity. This is surely due to the fact that, at heart, she's a pop songwriter, and a very fine one at that.”


Just when you're feeling either overwhelmed by the insurmountable quantity of music demanding your attention or as often underwhelmed by the frequently indifferent quality on offer, along comes something totally unexpected which rekindles your dwindling enthusiasm. 'Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe' by Andrea Perry is just such an album.”

Geriant Jones, Comes With a Smile UK

How is Andrea Perry not a household name? ”

Darren Robbins