• I currently have 78 songs available for easy licensing here in FirstCom's catalog. I also have an extensive instrumental library available for projects as well as many songs not among the 78 listed in the above catalog.

Music composition

  • For film, TV, advertising, games, or personalized custom songs for private use. See portfolio page for some examples. Custom song examples are at the bottom of the portfolio page. Further credits are listed here. Prices vary wildly depending on scope and budget of project.


  • The ideal client is a singer/songwriter. No need to play an instrument. You send me your vocal tracks and I build the music around that. If you are in the Austin area I can record your vocals at my studio. Here is a diverse playlist of songs that I have produced. I don't record bands.

Audio editing | Recording

  • I can take on most audio editing and cleaning tasks. I spent several years cleaning up the dialog of the biggest voice project on the planet, Star Wars: The Old Republic as a contractor for Bioware.
  • If you are an author or publisher and need an audio book recorded and edited I have that capability, as well as access to world-class narrators.

Private lessons for kids

  • If you are in Austin and would like to learn how to write, record and produce songs and/or score for picture in a relaxed, low-pressure environment I sometimes have room for a few students. The ideal candidate is age 11-18 and has already had piano or guitar lessons. Ability and willingness to sing are helpful. Extremely shy people are especially welcome.


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